Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Bunny

King Leo, an adorable bunny available for adoption
from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

Thinking of getting your kids a bunny for Easter? Remember that these little ones are a huge commitment! 

Rabbits can make wonderful pets, but just to be sure they are the right choice for you, keep these things in mind:
-Rabbits can live 7 - 10 years!
-Rabbits love to feast on everything, so bunny-proofing your home is a good idea. 
-Rabbits of all shapes and sizes need regular vet check-ups and they need to be spayed/neutered just like your other pets!
-Rabbits love attention and are very social little animals. Be sure that your family has the time to commit to giving your rabbit a thriving social life!
-Do your research on rabbit care! 

Most importantly, if you decide that a rabbit is right for you, check with your local Shelter and Rescues. Rabbit rescues are all over the country and adorable little bunnies like King Leo (featured here) are available for adoption! 

Adoption saves lives and does not support those terrible rabbit and chick breeders that we all see on the side of the road during the Easter holiday. 

If you decide that a bunny isn't for you, but you want to share some hoppingly adorable bunny love with your friends and family, grab an adorable bunny necklace from Pet Studio Art!

Stephanie Conrad

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