Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sweet Gumbo is looking for a new home!

Meet Gumbo, an absolutely adorable Beagle mix that has shared his home with a wonderful rescue friend of mine. It is time for Gumbo to be placed in a loving home where he can be spoiled rotten... don't worry, he will reciprocate with plenty of snuggles!

Gumbo is about 9 years old, approximately 25 lbs and is neutered. He does have a medical condition where he gets extra thirsty, which means that he does need to go out very often, preferably every 3 hours or so to avoid having accidents inside. Gumbo is great with cats and children, he loves to spend time with his human companions and is fine with the right doggy friends.

Unfortunately, Gumbo has had some issues with another dog in the house, so the right doggy companion would need to be introduced properly. Gumbo has proven that with many dogs he gets along, but he may be happiest as an only pup in the house so that he gets all of the human attention himself!

Gumbo would do wonderful with a retired or elderly family, especially if they are able to be home a good majority of the day to ensure he gets out often. He adored visiting the senior center and spent his time there visiting with every person in a wheelchair so that he could get plenty of pets. He loves to be near his human companions and loves to lay close to their feet or even in the same room nearby. 

While it may be time for Gumbo to move on to his new home, his family now is looking to find the perfect situation for him, as he truly is such a special boy. They are hoping to send along care, including his medication as well as hoping to be able to visit to take him for walks and overall keep up to date on how Gumbo is doing. 

If you live in the Austin area and are interested in meeting Gumbo, please contact Georganne at gduron@gmail.com. 

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