Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love-A-Bull Saves Lives!

Love-A-Bull certainly does save lives. Not only are they amazing advocates for pit bull labeled dogs, but through their rescue, hundreds of pups are now safe and happy in loving homes, snoring away at the foot of their owner's beds tonight!

Last month, 5 more pups jumped aboard the Love-A-Bull bandwagon and are now on their way to living out an amazing life!
Bea, Gracie, Daphne, Nigel and Felix!
On August 17th, Leala W. and Jess W. of Love-A-Bull loaded up in the early morning hours to start their journey to Conroe Texas where the Spindletop Refugees were being housed at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Jess W., Love-A-Bull's lead trainer, had reviewed a number of behavioral evaluations that were sent over by Animal Farm Foundation and had narrowed down the number of dogs that Love-A-Bull was able to pull. The team still had to do the dog on dog evaluations before making the ultimate decision on who came home with them, so one by one they went down Jess's list.

The lucky five that joined the Love-A-Bull rescue adoptable list were loaded up and allowed to settle in comfortably for their ride back to Austin. First in was Daphne, then Nigel, Felix and Gracie. Last came sweet little Bea, who was noticeably battling a skin condition, but despite her rough skin, she won the hearts of the Love-A-Bull rescuers. 

These sweet pups were taken in for medical evaluations as soon as they arrived safely back to Austin. Unfortunately all 5 have some medical issues that need to be addressed. 
"Spindletop Pitties" - 24in x 48in Painting
Posing: Holly Madison, pit bull mix & pet to Stephanie Conrad of The Pet Studio.
Knowing the wonderful things that Love-A-Bull does not only for these five babies, but for our community, I felt compelled to do something special for these pups. So, I spent a week working on this portrait of the five Spindletop pups that have joined the Love-A-Bull program. 

While I plan to donate the actual painting piece (valued at $700) to the silent auction for this year's Pit Bull Awareness Day, I wanted to be able to offer something special now to help with the medical bills for these babies. As with most rescues, Love-A-Bull relies on donations, so I decided to offer a donation that gives back to my own clients! You can now purchase a necklace design of your favorite Spindletop rescue. With each necklace purchase from this set (from, you will get a cute accessory piece and a $5 donation will be sent to Love-A-Bull specifically for the care of these 5 pups! 
Click Here to purchase your Spindletop Rescue Necklace!
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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About the Spindletop rescue pups:

Daphne will do her best to make you smile. She showers everyone she meets with kisses and snuggles up for as many pets as she can get! Daphne is a mature, three year old lady that enjoys the company of other dogs. She may have come from Spindletop, but she has certainly left those memories behind her and is looking forward to her new forever home! 
Learn more about Daphne here >>

Gracie needed to be spayed, a quick and easy fix, but unfortunately is heartworm positive. While she does have a heart issue (that will be medically treated) it hasn't stopped her from opening up her heart to everyone around her! Gracie is full of wiggly fun and truly enjoys being with both her canine and human companions. She is absolutely gorgeous, sporting a stunning red and white coat, which is hard to see behind her big, bright smile! Gracie is currently in foster care and is available for adoption!
Learn more about Gracie here >>

Nigel is just full of puppy playfulness! When he arrived with Love-A-Bull, he did receive medical attention and had a small tumor removed; he has fully recovered! He is around six years old but that doesn't slow him down one bit! No one knows how long he was at Spindletop, but he didn't lose hope of finding his forever home and is ready for his forever home! Nigel loves other dogs and people and would really enjoy a family to call his own!
Learn more about Nigel here >>

Did someone say jogging? Felix is looking for the perfect jogging buddy. He would prefer an experienced partner that can keep up with his perfect pace, not too fast, not too slow and someone with lots of kisses and treats at home! Felix is small, Love-A-Bull even calls him a 'pocket pittie' because of his smaller size, but that doesn't matter because what he lacks in size, he makes up in love. Learn more about Felix here >>

Bea (pronounced b-ay-uh) is as sweet as pie! While she came to Love-A-Bull with several medical issues, including a terrible skin condition as well as being heartworm positive she is now in a loving foster home receiving medical care and plenty of TLC. Bea is opening up more and more every day, as she was a little shy just after joining the Love-A-Bull adoptables. Bea loves other dogs and is wiggly, wiggly, wiggly once she gets comfortable with her surroundings! Bea is ready to wiggle her way right into her new forever home!Learn more about Bea here >>