Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Tears!

I admit it, I am a cry-baby. I shed tears when I am happy, sad or just overwhelmed with the moment. So, it may be no surprise to my friends that this particular email made me tear up, but I am so incredibly touched, I just have to share it with you. 

From Lisa S.

"Hi Stephanie,

'Foxy', Lisa's new foster!
I wanted to share some good news. You inspired me to become a volunteer, and now I'm going to be a kitten foster too.  I signed up today and went to get everything I need, and should be picking up kittens tomorrow [Note, this email was sent a few weeks ago].  It goes without saying that I'll be sending a photo (or two).

Thanks again for the painting, for your inspiration, and for caring so much about animals. I'm sure you already know that Texas is a much better place because of you, and now Nevada is too! 

- Lisa"

Wow! I have happy tears now reading it again! 

Just a little back-story for those that might be new friends of The Pet Studio. Last year, just outside of Austin (my hometown) the largest forest fire in Texas History broke out. The fire lasted for well over a month before being declared extinguished and destroyed nearly 1700 homes. Lisa S, living states away and not being personally connected to any of these families effected decided to offer both donations to Austin Pets Alive (one of the organizations helping out with the displaced animals from the fires) as well as a personal donation to two amazing families that lost their pets. Lisa purchased these paintings knowing that these families might never know her, but knowing how special a painting of their loved ones that were lost during the fire would be. 
'Mojo' & 'Ginger' | 16in x 20in
Mojo & Ginger were among the many pets who's lives were lost during the Bastrop wildfires in 2011.
Then, several months later, when Austin Pets Alive was having a rough month with several tough medical cases, including an overflow in their Parvo-Ward, Lisa sweetly purchased a painting of one Austin Pets Alive's cute Parvo survivors, Hector, to hang in the Parvo-Ward as a reminder of why APA continues to work hard to save these lives. The purpose of this painting was intended to bring joy to an area that can so often be filled with heartache and stress. Since Hector's painting arrived at APA, I have had nothing but compliments from the APA staff!
'Hector' |  16in x 20in
Parvo Survivor with Austin Pets Alive
In addition to these paintings, Lisa has ordered a variety of other pieces to donate to her own local rescues as well as unique gifts for friends as a beloved pet has been lost. (See below)

Now, as I anticipate what Lisa has up her sleeve next, I am just completely honored to know that she finally has a painting of her own beautiful kitties, Laci and Paisley hanging in her home! I can't wait to continue seeing pictures of her new little foster kids!
Laci & Paisley | 20in x 20in
Lisa's own gorgeous kitties snoozing on the couch!
So to Lisa, I say... Thank You! Thank you for being the kind of person that opens up your home to help save lives! Thank you for being such an amazing client! Most of all, Thank You for being a wonderful person that thinks of others as much as you think of yourself! Because of you, lives have been touched and I know that you have made a difference in the lives of many pet owners and Animal Rescuers!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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Stephanie, owner of The Pet Studio, dropping off Hectors painting at Austin Pets Alive!
'Stosh' | 11in x 14in
Given as a gift to a friend of Lisa's after her beloved pooch passed on.
'Best Friends'
Donated to the SPCA of Northern Nevada by Lisa S.
'Julie' | 8in x 10in
Julie was one of the pets thought to have been lost during the Bastrop fires, luckily she was found days later. You can read her entire brave story here.