Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Things for Little Lives

The Williamson County Regional Shelter (WCRAS) continues to amaze me. Today, as I was visiting and taking some photos of our kitties for our shelter website ( a woman brought in a small litter of 3 one day old kittens that she had found. After waiting several hours (out of sight) for the mother, she began to worry about these little babies in the heat all alone and decided to bring them in for care. 
One of 3 one day old kittens brought into the Williamson County Regional Shelter.
Many shelter around the country will immediately euthanize kill kittens of this age simply because they are 'too much trouble' to care for. Not WCRAS. The shelter staff immediately jumped in and made a nice warm nest of blankets and a heating pad in a cozy box for these babies. Once they were nice and warm, the staff prepared formula and offered these kittens a nice meal, which they eagerly drank right down!

Kudos to WCRAS, a shelter that is seeing huge successes since adopting the No Kill Equation and striving to be better than the average shelter!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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