Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Client Profile: Norman

  • Pet's Name: Norman
  • Pet's Age: 5 Years
  • Pet's Breed: Jack Russell / Norfolk Terrier / Schnauzer Mix

Norman posing with his custom portrait by The Pet Studio.
Doesn't that face just make you melt??

How did Norman come into your life?

Norman is the best Christmas present I ever received!  My sister and her family surprised me with this little cutie on Christmas day!  He was only 8 weeks old and weighed barely 4 pounds!  He is a rescue from a local Humane Society.  Facing much resistance, my sister jumped through hoops to get him as they don’t like to adopt puppies around the holiday.  But there was an immediate connection and she fell in love with him instantly…as did I!  He was meant to be mine!  

What are Norman's Favorite pastimes? 

Norman is a funny dog with a great personality!  He loves to steal slippers right off my feet so I have to ‘chase’ him – he loves to play!  He also loves to sleep, lay on the top of the couch like a cat, chase leaves and squirrels and he loves any toy that squeaks!  He can stand on his back legs for treats when we ask him to do ‘circus dog!”  …and, he answers my questions with a bark that sounds like he’s saying, “yea, yea”  “You want to go outside Norm?  …yea yea!”  He’s also very tolerant, as he lets me put Halloween costumes and winter sweaters on him and take pictures!  I think he secretly likes it!  Everything he does brings a smile to my face! 

What has Norman taught you about yourself?

Norman has taught me many things.  For example, he has taught me how to balance a checkbook…because he’s soooo freakin expensive.  He’s taught me to embrace the sunrise…because he occasionally wakes up at 4am to go outside and play.  He’s taught me that I CAN sleep on the corner of the queen-size bed all night…because he’s a bedhog and likes to sprawl out.  He’s taught me that I can lift 30 pounds of dog up and down stairs 4 or 5 times a day…because for some reason little dude won’t do it himself.  But most of all, he’s taught me that I do have a heart…because even though I don’t enjoy spending every last penny, sleeping on the corner of the bed, carrying him up and down stairs, and getting interrupted sleep…I would do it over and over again for him!!  I love my Little Hunky Norman!  He is my heart!  

Why did you choose The Pet Studio for your Custom Portrait?

I found The Pet Studio through a side ad on Facebook.  I saw a cute puppy face staring at me and had to look into it!  After looking through Stephanie’s artwork, I knew I had to have one done of Norman!  …and I couldn’t be happier!
"Norman" by The Pet Studio | 12in x 12in Custom Painting
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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