Monday, July 16, 2012

1200 Miles

My wonderful friend and animal rescuer Georganne shared this amazing rescue story with me a couple of weeks ago and I just had to share with you. I am always amazed when people come together from miles, cities or even states apart to save a life and there is no exception here! This story is so absolutely heartwarming!

“A close friend and neighbor of mine, Stephany lost her senior Jack Russell Terrier, Pete due to heart disease. Only a few weeks later, Stephany found out that she has breast cancer and would need a double Mastectomy. The doctors believed that the cancer was caught early enough, but with 2 children under the age of 10, the discovery was quite traumatic. Stephany has been very brave and since her diagnosis, she has been sharing her story publicly and offering to share what she has learned with others that may be experiencing the same.

On Friday [June 29th] Stephany emailed me asking for help, which is very unlike her. Stephany had come across a little Jack Russell/Fox Terrier mix online that looked exactly like her beloved Pete. After reading the pups bio and learning that the dog was scheduled to be put down on Monday [July 2nd] Stephany decided that she would like to see what she could do to adopt the dog. The only obstacle… the dog was located in North Carolina, over 1200 miles from Austin, TX.  

We went into rapid rescue high-gear! I posted a plea on Facebook and contacted anyone that I thought would be able to help to see if there was anyone in North Carolina that could help. Even with my plea being shared over 40 times on Facebook and friends trying to help out, the odds were against us. Then, one of my friends, Lorraine J. [you may remember her sweet kitty Julie from this posting] made contact with another friend’s sister, Theresa who had recently returned to the U.S. from military deployment overseas. She was planning a trip to Texas from South Carolina the very next week!

Now that the transport had been arranged, the next obstacle was getting the pooch from the shelter to Theresa. Since the shelter would not allow this adorable pet to be released to anyone other than an authorized rescue (their reasoning was that she wasn’t spayed), we felt like we were almost back at square one. Another rescue friend, Cynthia W. stepped up and started making calls and posting on social media again. With nearly 400 shares to our plea this time, Cynthia finally made contact with an individual from American Bouvier Rescue League, Deb D. that was willing to pull this sweet pup and get her to South Carolina so she could be on her way home.
Sleeping comfortably on the ride
from South Carolina to Texas!

Deb spent her entire Monday working for this pooch, driving 3.5 hours to pull and pick her up then another 3.5 to drop her off in South Carolina and home again. Then Theresa took over and spent the next 3 days driving from South Carolina to Texas, arriving in Austin on Thursday, July 5th just in time for lunch where she was given a variety of Thank You gifts, including a Visa Gift Certificate that was purchased with donations sent in from individuals that were hoping to see this pooch brought home safe and sound.

Since arriving in Austin, this sweet little girl has been spayed and will be staying with a friend of Stephany’s as she recovers from her Mastectomy, but everyone is eager to see her settled in at home in just a few days!

This is an amazing rescue that has truly taken a village – and a fast moving village at that – to save this beautiful pup!” 

-Georganne D., animal rescuer
Theresa posing happily after a long trip from South Carolina! 
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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