Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Client Profile: Moki the Rhodi

  • Pet’s Name: Moki
  • Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Age: 3 years

Moki posing with his favorite little friend, Dewey the chihuahua!
"I have always loved Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Weimaraner’s, ever since I was a girl and I spent time with my cousin’s pups.

I met Moki through her former owner, a dog trainer that trained her in level II obedience as well as detecting peanut allergies and sleep apnea. Unfortunately, his training facility was shut down by the DOA, after which he decided to sell Moki because she was not into her ‘work’ any longer. It turns out that her work involved bringing down aggressive dogs without hurting them in addition to her obedience training with the owner of this facility. I decided to buy her from this trainer, fearing that with her training history, she might end up in a very bad situation. I always wonder if she would have ended up training ‘dogfighting’ dogs. I do not typically agree with buying dogs with so many dogs needing homes in shelters, but given the circumstances, I made an exception for Moki.
Moki the Rhodi, posing to show off her gorgeous self!
I live on 20 acres of land and she has the run of the place with her 5 furry siblings! It took Moki awhile to trust that she was safe and never going back to the training facility or that she would never be forced to work with aggressive dogs again.

Moki’s best friends are her little Chihuahua brother, Dewey, her Senior Beagle brother, PimpC and Dakota, our Bernese Mountain Dog. She and her sister Anna don’t get along very well and are kept on separate sides of the house, which works well for them.

Moki has a strange addiction to glares on the ceiling and will track them for hours! She is not a fan of car rides so she usually stays home and lets her sister, Anna ride with us when we travel!

We LOVE Moki’s portrait from The Pet Studio and hope to have one of Anna done soon!"
-Beverly, Moki's mom.
Moki the Rhodi's custom painting by The Pet Studio!
You can find Moki on Facebook at Moki the Rhodi and follow all of her adventures as she works to receive her therapy certification!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist