Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A win for the Pit Bulls!

Ohio Lawmakers have finally come to their senses! Today, Governor John Kasich signed H.B. 14 into effect!

This means that Ohio, which previously had a statewide vicious dog label on all 'Pit Bulls' , no longer will discriminate against the Pit Bull type dogs based solely on appearance! Each dog will have the opportunity to be judged as an individual! What a win for the pitties!
My Pit Bull, Holly taking a nap with 'her kitty' Izze Belle.
Great Job to the Ohio Government! As a Pit Bull owner, I am proud to see you moving in the right direction! Now, it's time to step up and put a law into effect banning individual local governments within Ohio from enacting these ridiculous laws. 

Not only has this law been ineffective at preventing the dreaded 'dog attacks' but it has certainly been a cause of countless deaths of innocent dogs solely because they are labeled before given the chance to prove their own individuality. 

Myself and one of the Pit Bull labeled pups available for adoption with
Austin Pets Alive just after the Bastrop Fires happened earlier this year.
The changes that were put in place today with the signing of this new law not only takes away the label to pit bulls but more correctly shifts the blame of incidents to the owners and to truly dangerous dogs vs. targeting family pets. It will also allow the Animal Control employees to spend their time focusing on the important cases where truly dangerous dogs may be involved.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that all discrimination is gone within the state, as many local governments still have laws that discriminate against particular breeds. However, this is a positive step forward and it will make change possible within all of Ohio! 

Not only have Breed Discriminatory Laws proven unsuccessful in every area where they have been implemented, but they cost millions in taxpayer dollars every year! The former vicious dog law in Ohio is estimated to cost around 17 million dollars each year in taxpayer money.

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Stephanie Conrad
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