Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Less Mountain Lion....

I have always been under the impression that the Fish and Game Commissions around the country were meant to protect and support local wildlife in their areas. Unfortunately, Daniel Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission doesn't feel the same way... well, at least he doesn't when it comes to other states. 

Since 1990 California has banned the private hunting of Mountain Lions and have even gone so far as to make it illegal to display trophy pieces of Mountain Lions that were killed after 1990. (Personally, I don't understand the appeal of hanging a carcass on the wall). But, just because California banned it, that doesn't mean that every state has, so it seems that Daniel Richards (again PRESIDENT of the California FIsh and Game Commission) went ahead and hopped over to Idaho, where he not only made a mockery of the California law, but where he shot and killed a beautiful Mountain Lion after an 8 hour hunt. 
This photo originally appeared in the Western Outdoor News blog and depicts
Daniel Richards proudly holding up his carcass for all to see. . 
The caption:
“NEW COMMISSION PRESIDENT CELEBRATES A SUCCESSFUL HUNT – California Fish and Game commissioner Dan W. Richards travelled deep into the wicked terrain of Idaho’s Flying B Ranch to fulfill a long-held goal. “It was the most physically exhausting hunt of my lifetime. Eight hours of cold weather hiking in very difficult terrain. I told the guides I appreciated the hard work. They were unbelievably professional, first class all the way,” he said. Richards said he took the big cat over iron sights using a Winchester Centennial lever action .45 carbine. Asked about California’s mountain lion moratorium, Richards didn’t hesitate. “I’m glad it’s legal in Idaho.”

Stephanie Conrad
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