Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Insult Our Dogs!

Being a Pit Bull owner is like being part of a really cool, tight-knit club! We love our dogs, we will defend our dogs and we will use any opportunity to talk up the dogs that fall under the Pit Bull breed category! 
My 'risky' pit bull, Holly cuddling with 'her kitty', Izze Belle
Today, McDonalds pulled an ad that insulted our dogs. The original ad stated that eating Chicken Nuggets is 'less risky' than petting a pit bull.....

You can imagine the backlash as pittie owners around the country started calling, emailing and protesting against McDonalds and their ridiculous statements.

It certainly brought up many discussions about our dogs and I thought it would be nice to share some of the great Pit Bull stories that I have recently read!

One of my favorites: A 3 year old girl wanders off and ends up missing for hours. Her Pit Bull stayed by her side and they were later found together nearly 2 miles from where they had originally disappeared. 
(Full story here:

Foxy, The Pit Bull saves her 82 year old owner from freezing by barking until help arrives!
(Full story here:

The number one customs dog in the United States is a rescued Pit Bull named Popsicle!
Read more here:

Weela, the Pit Bull, saved the life of her human brother by pushing him out of striking range from a Rattlesnake. Lori (mom) saw Weela body slam her son out of the way just as the snake bit Weela. She survived and went on to save many more lives!
(Read Weela's story here:

Otis saved his family from a fire!
(Read Otis's story here:

There are hundreds and hundreds of these stories circulating. I highly recommend sharing these stories with your friends and family, especially those that might be wary of dogs that fall under the Pit Bull category.

Pit Bulls are no different than any dog breed, the offer unconditional love to those that offer them the same!

Stephanie Conrad

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