Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodbye Sarge...

Sarge. A beautiful dog, a wonderful friend and an inspirational soul.

After living through the abuse of an alleged dog fighter and Puppy Factory owner (aka Puppy Mill) for 14 years, Sarge was rescued during a raid of this disgusting facility and it's owners. Sarge overcame the stereotype that typically comes along with abused dogs, especially those that fall under the 'pit bull' category and proved that dogs that have endured abuse are loving, forgiving and able to move past their abuse and live a happy life. 

After moving in to the Pennsylvania SPCA, Sarge was adopted in February 2009 to his new home, where he became certified as a therapy pup with Pals for Life!

Sarge, as an elderbull himself, spent his time visiting nursing homes as well as rehab facilities and libraries. 

Not only was Sarge an advocate to the Pit Bull breed, but he was an inspiration through his therapy work, showing that dogs are just dogs. Breed, history and looks do not determine the kind of life you are going to live, so share joy and happiness where-ever you go and to everyone that you can! Brighten someone's day just because you can & cherish your freedom to be you!

Thank you Sarge, Kim & Thad (Sarge's parents) for sharing The Sarge Story. The Pet Studio is heartbroken for your loss. 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist