Friday, June 3, 2011

People don't Buy Dogs out of Hate....

As a rescuer, hearing horror stories of puppy mill purchases, breeders who sold a 'defective' puppy and stories of that cute little puppy in the window that ended up costing more in medical bills then the initial purchase are common to my ears. It used to make my heart ache to hear these stories, not because the puppy was suffering... but because this person chose to BUY a puppy instead of adopt from a shelter or rescue. 

It seems silly to me now that I was more worried about where this puppy came from than the pain and guilt the new owner was feeling. 

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting moment. Just like bringing home a new baby from the hospital. this should be a celebrated occasion, yet many owners who purchased a pet are crying instead of celebrating. 

Many of the new pet parents I speak with and spend time counseling after one of these puppy purchases gone bad truly did not realize that there were other options for obtaining a puppy for their family. 
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Now, rather than put my frustrations with the Puppy Mill Industry on the new owner, I am able to step back and realize that these new owners are just like me... maybe me 12 years ago, but still just like me. Before I was involved in Animal Welfare.. there is no way I would have known that shelters house pure-bred pups. I never would have thought that I could get a poodle for that family member who is allergic to doggie dander (although, no dog is truly hypoallergenic!)) and I would not have thought that pets coming from the shelter are beautiful and wonderful pets! Shelters don't hold the best image in many minds, but as an animal advocate, it is up to me to offer that education at any chance I see

People who purchase pets are not spending their money on a puppy because they hate animals. They are spending their money on the puppy because they love this puppy and want to bring him/her into their home. 

It's time to stop demon-izing the families who purchased a puppy mill puppy. Without education, no one would know much about anything... so before you criticize, ask yourself... have I offered education to this person? If not.. step up and talk to them. Share your personal stories and offer to accompany your friends on a shelter trip to see how many loving and wonderful pets are just waiting for their forever home!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist