Monday, April 10, 2017

Mutt Monday: Adopt Sadie

Sadie is a beautiful Great Dane rescued by Paws of Austin in - you guessed it - Austin, TX. She is a small Dane with puppy looks although she is about 1 year old already. Sadie has a severe case of HOD (Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy), a bone disease that affects young, large breed dogs as they grow rapidly. The disease produces swollen joints, lameness and pain, which Sadie is being treated for and given lots of TLC in her foster home. 

Due to her condition, Sadie can barely open up her mouth. It is obvious that Sadie was not at all cared for before she came into rescue and she was slowly starving to death. Happily, her story did not have a tragic ending it could have. Sadie ended up in the loving hands of Paws of Austin and with her new treatment plan, Sadie has put on weight and is on her way to recovery. While her Veterinarians are not yet sure she will ever fully recover, Sadie's condition is manageable and everyone is hopeful that her perfect family will find her! 

For more information about Sadie or any of the amazing Great Danes available through Paws of Austin, visit their website!

Stephanie Conrad
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