Thursday, March 23, 2017

89 cats enter a shelter...

What happens when 89 cats enter an open-admission shelter in Central Texas?

They receive Veterinary care, love and time to settle in before being placed up for adoption and given the opportunity for a fresh start.

The details on where these cats came from are no longer a focus. Of course, the former owners in this case will be prosecuted for animal cruelty (this was a hoarding case), but as far as the shelter staff and volunteers are concerned, now that the animals are in the care of the shelter, the focus is all on the animals. Who needs medical care, who needs an extra blanket to hide under, who needs a little extra food today to help with their weight? The shelter staff has stepped up to ensure that each and every cat has exactly what they need!

In one week, these beauties will be available for adoption. Until then, they will be resting, getting comfortable in the shelter and receiving all the love they could ever want!

Thank you to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter for stepping up to save their lives! 

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art