Monday, October 17, 2016

Mutt Monday: Mary Jane Seeks Forever Home

When starting the ever important search for a new forever family member, you will likely have a list of qualities you would like in your new furry friend. 

Dog friendly? Check. 
People Friendly? Check.  
Vaccinated and Spayed? Check. 
Adorable? Check. 
Charming? Check.
Small and cuddly?  Check.

... and by choosing adoption you are saving a life, which is the biggest 'check' of all when deciding to add a new pet to your family! 

Mary Jane is a 2 year old Boston Terrier mix (maybe a little Rat Terrier in the mix as well) who would love an active home of her own. She walks well on a leash, and gets along with other dogs, although she definitely prefers the company of less dominant dogs. Mary Jane is housebroken, loves toys and being pampered in the bath. Have a cozy bed? Mary Jane is a great snuggler and would truly enjoy curling up in your lap while you lounge on the couch or work at your desk. 

This beautiful lady is available for adoption through Forgotten Friends mixed Breed Rescue. You can show your support for the amazing work that this organization does by visiting their website or making a donation to help more dogs like Mary Jane. 

PUPDATE: Mary Jane now has an adoption pending, but would love for you to check out her fabulous friends available for adoption through Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue!

Stephanie Conrad

Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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