Monday, September 19, 2016

Meet Olive & Toby!

Olive, available for adoption though Love-A-Bull, Inc. 
I absolutely love volunteering my time offering photo sessions for rescue organizations. It's my way of giving back to charities that I support and of course, I love to snuggle with new pups and kitties any chance I get. Happily, last week, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing two beautiful dogs for a great rescue, Love-A-Bull, Inc. This organization has been one that I have worked closely with for years. Their rescue program is top notch, offering foster homes to rescued bully breeds in the Austin area, and they also have committed themselves to being a positive voice for dogs in our community. 

Olive and Toby are just two of the great dogs that are part of Love-A-Bull's program right now. Olive came into Love-A-Bull's program after being found locked in a storage shed, heavily pregnant and malnourished. This charming girl ended up having 8 beautiful puppies, who Love-A-Bull happily raised until they were old enough to be adopted. Once her puppies found their forever homes, it was Olive's turn and it seemed that her happy ending would be an easy one as she was adopted into a home of her own. Sadly, two years went by and Olive was returned to the Love-A-Bull program, where she is currently waiting for a new and hopefully forever family to find her. Olive is a little selective with other dogs, so she needs to be in a single pet home, but she loves attention. After I picked this sweet girl up from the boarding facility, I was in awe of how calmly she rode in the passenger seat of my car as I rubbed her velvety fur on our way to the park for her photo shoot. Olive is very attentive and was a dream subject during our photo shoot! 

Toby, available for adoption through Love-A-Bull, Inc. 
Toby joined the Love-A-Bull program after being discovered at a small rural shelter in Georgetown, TX, He is about 2 years old, goofy, playful and overall a wonderful dog! When Toby first came out to say hello, this tall, lanky, goofy boy just made my day! Toby is a little taller than the average pit bull, maybe he has a little Hound in him, but that doesn't stop him from thinking he is a tiny lap dog. After happily hopping into my car, Toby tried to curl up between me and the steering wheel for some scratches. After I asked him to scoot over to the passenger seat, this funny boy tried his hardest to curl into a ball, never quite finding a comfortable spot on the ride over to a local park for his photo shoot. Toby was thrilled to be out and we ended up spending time walking around to sniff everything in sight before starting our shoot. Once asked, Toby was quite the gentleman, sitting nicely for his photo and really enjoying my banana and peanut butter puppy treats!

These two dogs would love to find a forever home of their own. If you are interested, or please share if you have a friend that might be interested in adopting, visit Love-A-Bull's website to learn more! 

Stephanie Conrad
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