Monday, June 27, 2016

New Foster Babies!

As the last few weeks have moved past, my heart has slowly started to heal after losing my senior puppy, Cody last month. The pain is still very real in our house, as Holly still avoids Cody's favorite spots (although she does spend a good amount of time looking into 'his room' with a sad expression). It has been an emotional roller coaster, two months ago, we moved from our first little home into a beautiful new house. We are still settling in and at times, it feels like we are on vacation from our real lives due to all the major changes we have had happen this year.

After thinking about our loss and ways to honor Cody's memory, I made the decision today to bring home a new little litter of foster kittens. We chose an older litter, so they will be with us for about 4 weeks. We are absolutely in love and I know that this little family is going to help lift my spirits.

Meet the babies (we have not yet named them)!