Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moving with Pets...

Why are all my toys in a box?? What's happening??
As we closed on our new home last month, my husband and I were beyond excited and looking forward to moving into our big beautiful new place. As we started packing, we worked hard to reassure our pets that things were going to be okay and that they too, should feel excited. Of course, our current house has been their home for the last 10 years, well 7 for Holly and we knew that the adjustment period would be difficult, especially for my sweet anxious girl. Holly came to us after being tossed (literally out of a truck) onto the side of a busy road in Georgetown, TX. Luckily for her, a sweet lady stopped and scooped her up, along with her littermates and brought them into a local shelter for care. Holly soon found her way to me and despite her sometimes crazy anxious behavior, we love her dearly. 

Our pets rely on us for leadership and knowing this, we began the process of adjusting them to their new home several weeks before we officially moved. Personally, I was mostly worried about my cats and spent hours researching moving ideas and tips from behavior specialists, reading blogs and prepping toys and beds with scents to ease their anxiety. I set up new cat scratchers around our current home two weeks prior to our move so the kitties could cover them in their scent and even toted the smelly old litterbox to the new home rather than purchasing a new one for the cats. Either my hard work paid off, or the cats just didn't care (I have a suspicion it was the latter), but the cats - to my surprise - adjusted immediately. We confined them to our master bathroom in the new house, but in a matter of 6 hours or so, they had managed to escape and were happily exploring the house. Stairs were a new concept to our little fluffies, so they have been especially excited to run up and down them during the day. 

"If we fits, we sits!"
The dogs, on the other hand, were a bit tougher and are still, even a week later, working to adjust to their new surroundings. They are slowly starting to feel at home, Cody, our senior guy has found his favorite little nook in my office and Holly is more than happy to stretch out on our bed. With time, I know our pups will find themselves very comfortable here. We are slowly working to introduce the pups to the new pool. Holly, I know, will one day love swimming. Cody, our senior guy, is avidly avoiding the pool, which makes me extremely happy. Unfortunately, over the next few weeks, he is going to be MAD as I introduce him to the pool to insure he knows how to find his way to the steps on the off-chance he falls in one day. (Don't worry, our pups are supervised when outside). 

As we have learned, moving with four pets can be a challenge, but never in a million years would I consider leaving my pets behind because of a move. They are our little furry family members. :-) 

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist