Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 Great Spring DIY Projects for Your Pets!

Spring is here and I, for one, could not be more excited! I love springtime in Central Texas - the flowers are blooming, the weather is beautiful (at least for a few days, I know it will be hot soon) and it's the perfect time of year to spend some time working on those DIY projects we all love so much!

Here are 5 DIY pet projects that are perfect for spring:

1. Build an adorable patio Teepee for your dog or cat. This cute design could also be a perfect play tent for kids during those springtime sleepovers, just adjust the size a bit to make it work for children! We love this simple, easy-to-create design!

2. Create a cute an modern hanger for leashes, treats and all things pet! 

3. Create a fun hide-a-toy for your cat with a box, a razor blade and a cup. Use the cup to trace some circles all along the edge of the box. Cut the circles out with the razor blade, then hide some fun toys inside! Bonus, use the top of the box as a bed! 

4. Make a fabulous hanging window basket for your cat! I know my cats love to bask in the warm sunshine, what better (and definitely stylish) way to soak up those rays! Just choose a basket, grab a plant hanger and some rope from your local hardware store and hang! (Be sure to use an anchor that can hold the weight of your pet when putting this basket up.) 

5. Create a cozy dog bed with an old tire, a pillow and some ribbon! 

Your pets will love these fun DIY projects and the best part is, you can tweak the designs a bit to fit into your personal decor! 

Stephanie Conrad
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