Friday, September 4, 2015

Oscar, the Bionic Cat

My sweet Jazz-cat! 
Just over a month ago, my sweet little black kitty Jazz had emergency surgery due to a blockage in his intestine. As scary as that was, there was never a thought that we wouldn't do everything possible to ensure that our handsome boy had the best care possible. Thanks to our wonderful Veterinary team, Dr Stein (who performed the surgery) and Dr Bryant at Parmer Lane Pet Hospital in Cedar Park, TX, Jazz has made a full recovery and is back to his happy, sweet self! 

When I came across the story of Oscar, he just reminded me of my Jazz. Not because my Jazz is missing a limb, but because they have the same sweet demeanor, they look alike (the obvious similarity) and they have both overcome a lot of odds. Jazz was adopted from a shelter in Austin, before our city was No-Kill. A little black kitten blends in with the hundreds of other black kittens that enter our shelters yearly, we happen to have been lucky enough to be chosen by this little one! Jazz reached through his kennel and grabbed my shoelace as we passed - as I looked down to see what had stopped me, it was love at first sight!

Oscar's hind legs were severed between his ankles and feet by a harvester in a corn field near his home. Oscar somehow managed to get out of the corn field, where he was discovered by a passing cyclist, who scooped him up and carried him back to his families home. Oscar was covered in blood, and his owners Mike and Kate feared that he would need to be humanely euthanized at their local veterinarian. Fortunately, Dr. Peter  Haworth saw past his initial wounds and after administering medication and ensuring that Oscar was not in any pain, suggested that Oscar would make an excellent candidate for prosthetic legs.

Oscar was flown to the United Kingdom where he underwent his surgery with Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick. The surgery was successful and Oscar is now well loved and living life as any cat should!

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