Thursday, October 9, 2014

Love-A-Bull visits Pet Studio Art

Since moving into my new studio, most of my time has been dedicated to organizing the space and getting the business setup and functioning, so this week, I was delighted to have my first rescue photography session with the amazingly gorgeous pups from Love-A-Bull Rescue

One of my visions when moving into our new studio was a space that I could offer a little more than simply painting and printing. I wanted a space that could offer something for the many local rescues that I adore, so when we signed our lease earlier this year, one thing I promised myself was that I would eventually have a photography area set up. While this is a great space for me to expand on and offer photography for clients, I really wanted to be able to invite the many pups that are currently in foster homes in for a free photo session. So, when Love A Bull mentioned they were in need of a 'Prom' themed photography session, I couldn't resist and just a few days later, we had our first group session. 

Five pups stopped by for their glamour shots and I could not be more thrilled with the results! My personal favorite visitor was Whitney, an adorable little brown pittie mix. She bounded into my studio, full of wiggles and smiles! This girl is carefree and just wants to be loved. While she wiggled around constantly, it only took her a few minutes to calm down and we were able to dress her up in her fairy costume and get some adorable shots! This sweetheart listened like a champ and when we finished her photo session, she covered me with kisses. Her profile states that she is not great with cats, but she does love all people, kids included and would make a wonderful addition to any single pet family!

Each of these pups brought something special to the table. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to meet them, but listening to their stories, I was even more struck with how happy and settled these pups are in their foster homes. Collin, a gorgeous little brown and white pit bull was the fist to my studio and just really set the tone for an amazing photo session. This sweet boy is fostering with a couple who are simply amazing for him. Collin's foster dad, Drew is a photographer, so he was the perfect 'assistant' when it came to settling Collin into the new space. After chatting for a few minutes, I learned that Collin is scheduled for a meet and greet this weekend, which is so thrilling! This sweet pup was as calm as could be, even taking a little nap on the floor after the photo session - how cute is that?

Davey was the second pup to arrive for his photo session. This handsome brindle boy was a rescue from Spindletop, an 'animal sanctuary' that was shut down a few years ago after animals were discovered in disgusting conditions. Love-A-Bull stepped up and saved a handful of dogs during the initial raid of the Spindletop facility, while many other dogs ended up in various rescues. Davey is settling into his new foster home and has been doing wonderful. His foster mom noted that he is already house-trained and is working hard to learn his basic manners. As our photo session started, I chatted with his awesome foster mom, Kat about his current progress and we were able to spend a little extra time working on his listening skills! While Davey needed a little more time than the other pups for his photo session, he was an absolute joy to work with - I could just see the desire to learn in his eyes and with just a little patience, we were able to get some charming photos of Davey!

After Davey's session, Seymore (lovingly nicknamed Seymore Hiney) came barreling into my studio! This stocky boy is exactly what I think of when I think 'Pit Bull'. He is charming, has a gorgeous smile and wants to be the center of attention. Love-A-Bull really stepped in for Seymore when he needed it the most. This handsome boy is currently undergoing medical treatment to rid him of heartworms. He is restricted on activity while he undergoes his treatment, so getting out into my studio was a treat for this sweet man. Seymore has some amazing foster parents who had a blast showing off all of Seymore's tricks. Once this handsome boy is ready for adoption, his new family is going to be one of the luckiest out there! 

My last visitor this week might not really fit the 'pit bull' profile exactly, but she is just as charming. Sasha is a pit bull, shepherd mix (??) full of happy energy. She was a dolll to photograph, listening well to every instruction and posing perfectly for the camera! I could have photographed this sweet girl all day and was almost disappointed when we finished so quickly, but that's what happens with great dogs!

I can't wait until the next visit from Love-A-Bull and will always have my door open to this rescue that does so much amazing work for the community. If you live in the Austin area, be sure to check them out and come visit the Pittie Pride Parade later this month (October 26th)! I will be there with my tote bags and of course all well-behaved dogs are welcome to the event - Love-A-Bull proudly supports and invites dogs of all breeds out to celebrate!

Stephanie Conrad

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