Monday, February 25, 2013



It's a simple word with such a strong meaning. It was no coincidence that a little malnourished dog was given such a significant name. After surviving a year (that we know of) or more of neglect, sweet Hope was given the gift of love. Even if only for a few weeks while she was cared for by the amazing team of Love-A-Bull, Hope knew what it felt like to be cared for. She was given warm blankets, fresh water and regular hugs. Hope experienced the love that every dog deserves and although her time was cut too short, she knew what it was to be happy for the last few weeks of her life. 

On Wednesday, February 6th, 2013, Love-A-Bull was alerted to an extreme abuse case. Hope's previous owners had dropped her off at a local Veterinarian's office to be killed (it was later noted that this was not the first time that these people had tried to end Hope's life, they had also tried to have her killed in 2011). A veterinary technician working at the clinic refused to kill Hope and contacted Love-A-Bull for help. Hope was transferred to the amazing team at Oak Hill Veterinary Clinic where she was given treatment for her medical needs that had been so neglected over the previous years. 

Hope displayed a classic pit bull attitude and was happy to meet new friends at the clinic. She snuggled in her many new blankets that were gifted to her and enjoyed all of the love and attention from the Veterinary staff. She was nicknamed 'Darling Hope' by her doctors and became the highlight of everyone's day. 

Sadly, though, Hope had been through too much trauma. After going under anesthesia for an emergency surgery early today, Hope was unable to wake up and passed peacefully.

This afternoon, as I sat down to start sketching another client's portrait. I happened to glace over at my computer screen and saw the post on Facebook from Love-A-Bull about Hope's passing. I looked down at my own sweet pit bull, Holly sleeping under my desk and just felt heartbroken. Hope was never able to have the life that my little one has. She was never given the chance to sleep under a desk or have the opportunity to call a house her forever home. Hope did, however, touch many lives and her story is one that I know that I will never forget. I found myself sketching Hope's eyes, then her face and after a few hours I had completed Hope's portrait.

This portrait is for Love-A-Bull.

It is a portrait for every person that has offered hope to a pet in need.

It is for every dog that has ever needed love.

This portrait is for Hope.

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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Photos from Love-A-Bull:

Love-A-Bull, Inc is a 501 (c) 3 charity that runs on donations. Donations given to Love-A-Bull go to the care of dogs like Hope. I personally know and recommend this rescue as an extremely reputable organization. If you would like to donate to Love-A-Bull, Inc, just click here!