Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brownie Sue

Brownie Sue was an unclaimed stray who joined our family ~15 years ago. Living in nearby woods and very skittish, it took daily feeding for 6 months to finally earn her trust. She remained unclaimed, not surprisingly, since her former owner chopped off most of her ears and her tail. One of our neighbors, who often saw her in the woods, called her "The Tail-less Wonder."  Our veterinarian estimated her age, in December of 1997, to be ~4 years old. She joined our other rescues, an odd assortment of other 'throw-aways', and has been a joy. She earned her Canine Good Citizenship certificate in May of 1998. She and her "siblings" have vacationed along the East coast of the US from South Carolina to Maine and Canada. Brownie Sue barked like a harbor seal for meals, enjoyed rides in the car, going to the park, Mango water ice, and nuzzling her 'sister'.  While not a conventional beauty, she was gorgeous in her own way--always sweet, friendly and gentle. 
We miss our sweet old girl. She left a hole in our heart. Thank you for the portrait in her memory." - Dianne H., Brownie Sue's mom.

Below you can see two of Brownie's siblings posing with her portrait. 

Bud and Brownie Sue.
Daisy and Brownie Sue

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist

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