Saturday, October 20, 2012

Patrick, the Miracle Dog

Pit Bull Pride - Day #20

Named Patrick in honor of St. Patrick's day, this little dog's story is absolutely miraculous. 

After being abandoned for nearly a week, this little dog was starving. Obviously, his owner was a heartless individual. Rather than caring for this pup upon her return, Patrick was found in a garbage bag after being dropped down a garbage chute in her apartment building. Luckily for Patrick, a caring custodian noticed movement and saved this brave pups life. 

Upon finding Patrick, the custodian contacted animal control, who picked up the pup and took him in for immediate Veterinary Care. He was treated briefly by the Veterinarian on staff, then taken in to a specialty clinic for more a more extensive Veterinary exam.

Patrick weighed only 19 pounds upon his arrival to Garden State Veterinary Specialists.
Patrick's story went viral almost instantly once being shared online. It seems that everyone with a heart for animals quickly fell in love with Patrick (myself included) and began rooting for this little pups fast recovery!

With the love from the Veterinary staff, Patrick began to gain weight and now over a year later, he is a healthy, happy boy!

Sadly, Patrick's owner will never suffer the way in which she made Patrick suffer, but the good news is, Patrick will know nothing but love for the rest of his life. With his story, Patrick has been able to bring awareness to the seriousness of animal abuse.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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