Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lily, a Pittie Star!

Pit Bull Pride - Day #24
Lily was first discovered by the television show, Animal Cops Philadelphia. Unfortunately, this wasn't her being discovered as a model or actress would be, although she is certainly a little Diva and has since become a star! 
Lily was found inside of a home after a report had come through that a dead dog had been seen in the backyard. Upon arrival, the Animal Cops discovered the deceased dog (after an autopsy, it was discovered that the dog had starved to death) as well as Lily and another dog both alive inside.

When Alexandra first heard about Lily, it was from her brother, who was working with the show at the time. He asked if she would be interested in fostering Lily for a short time. The Philadelphia SPCA tested Lily with cats to see if she would be a good candidate to go home with Alexandra. It turns out that Lily adores cats!

As soon as they arrived home, Lily immediately bonded with Alexandra's resident cat, Scout. Lily loves to play like a cat and is very gentle with Scout. She also truly enjoys being around other dogs and anyone that will give her a little love and attention.

Shortly after being adopted, Lily got online (well, she had some help) and started her Facebook Page. As a social media consultant, Alexandra felt that it was the perfect opportunity to share the positive side of Pit Bulls through a social channel. Lily now has over 5000 fans!

Not only is Lily a social media butterfly, but she is also now a Canine Good Citizen as well as a Certified Therapy og. She passed both of her tests on the first try and now spends her time visiting nursing homes, where she is able to be doted on by seniors every month!

Lily is a true ambassador for pit bull type dogs everywhere!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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