Friday, October 26, 2012

Glory, an adorable Pittie

Pit Bull Pride - Day #26

Today is all about sweet Glory, an adorable rescued Pit Bull that I was honored to have the opportunity to paint!

Since Glory was adopted, I want to share my top 5 reasons to adopt a Pit Bull!

1. Pitbull Kisses! There is nothing sweeter than a slobbery kiss from your favorite Pit Bull Pooch!

2. The Butt Wiggle. Have you ever seen a happy Pittie? No? I highly recommend it! Their booties wiggle like no other!

3. Zoomies. When they get going, there is no stopping them! Zoomies start with a jump, maybe a cute playboy, then they propel into exactly what you imagine when you hear the word 'Zoomies'. Back and Forth, Back and Forth, your pooch will give you hours of endless entertainment!

4. The Circle Turn. Not all dogs do this, but when a sleepy pup starts turning, it's hard not to laugh. Are they dizzying themselves out before laying down, or just so sleepy they forgot what they are doing? Either way, your adopted pittie is sure to make you smile!

5. Save a Life! Pit Bull type dogs are, unfortunately, the most mistreated and misrepresented breed around. While most pitties make fabulous companions, the sad reality is that a huge number of Pit Bull type dogs are killed in shelters around the country every day. By adopting a rescue Pittie, you are truly saving a life!

Stephanie Conrad
Pet Studio Art | Owner | Artist