Monday, October 1, 2012

Celebrate your Pit Bull!

Today marks the beginning of Pit Bull Awareness Month! For most Pit Bull lovers, every month is a time to celebrate our pups, but this month, we are lucky enough to be able to see festivals, parties and parades happening all over the country in celebration of our beloved breed! 

Since I can't host a festival online, I decided to celebrate my love of Pit Bulls and all Bully Breed dogs by sharing their stories here on my blog! All month, you will be reading stories and seeing photos of Pit Bulls that have entered my life!

Of course, to kick things off, I had to share my own pittie love, miss Holly Madison! Yes, she is named after Holly Madison, star of Peepshow and The Girls Next Door and yes, my Holly also looks great in pink! 

Holly posing with her Boa (made of faux-feathers!)
Holly was brought into one of my local shelters at only six weeks old. She was in terrible condition, skinny and scared. Sadly, her former owner was a terrible individual. He or she decided that they no longer wanted to keep Holly's little family and literally threw her mother along with a box full of the puppies out of a moving truck on a rural Williamson County Road. Sadly the mother was already passed when a good Samaritan who had seen the box of puppies being tossed from the truck stopped. According to the Veterinarian on staff, Holly's mother had probably passed sometime in the days before they were found. Maybe her former owner just didn't know what to do with the mother, but sadly his/her decision to toss the puppies cost three of Holly's siblings their lives. 

Luckily, the staff on hand went right to work and within a couple of days, the three puppies that survived were nursed back to health and able to be placed for adoption. When I met Holly, it was love at first site and while I postponed bringing her home, my husband (then boyfriend) woke up the morning after we met her and decided that we had to go back to bring her home to stay.

Holly was a great puppy. She was potty trained within 2 weeks and has never had an accident inside, other than a few exceptions when she has been sick. She is playful and happy, although she has had anxiety issues since the day she came home. We work with her no a regular basis, spending time exploring new things and learning new tricks. Her favorite pastimes are swimming and agility, both of which have made huge impacts on her overall confidence levels!

Stephanie & Holly share a smooch!
When Holly is feeling happy, everyone knows it, especially our two kitties, Jazz and Izze Belle. Holly adores our cats and I think if she would fit, she would curl up with them in the sunny spots on our windowsill. 

Though she sometimes drives me crazy, I cant imagine my life without Holly. She is a great friend and a wonderful pup!

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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