Friday, September 14, 2012

PETA gets naked... and watches a kitten die.

We've all seen the "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign launched by PETA. It's a campaign with a great message, stop wearing tortured animal carcass for fashion. The message (not the organization) is absolutely a message that I support.

Unfortunately, the rest of the PETA organization is much more covered up than their ever popular campaign. 

SAPA works to promote pets like Rolo.

In fact, just this month, PETA has made a personal attack on a small organization in central Texas. Their claim... this organization is SAVING TOO MANY ANIMALS! Well, okay, so they didn't actually say it out loud (they do want to keep those donations rolling in), but their point is clear. PETA is threatened by yet another successful No Kill organization making changes in a high-kill community. 

San Antonio Pets Alive was founded under the umbrella of the amazing Austin Pets Alive, who in just a few years has saved the lives of over 10,700 animals in the Austin community. The majority of these animals were saved directly from the Kill-List of area animal shelters.

In 2004, the city of San Antonio showcased a sad 95% kill rate within their city-run shelter. Now, as SAPA steps in and is offering support along with the animal loving community in and around San Antonio, the save rate is nearing 60%. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but as the foster program and awareness grows, great things are starting to happen for San Antonio's community pets. 

With the huge increase in life-saving statistics, animal lovers all over the country are celebrating the success of this small organization! San Antonio, TX is 55% safer for community pets now than they were 8 years ago! Yay! Things can only go up from here and I believe that San Antonio will soon be rivaling Austin in the number of animals that head out the shelter doors alive and on their way to a new home! In just 9 months, SAPA has rescued 4000 pets from the city shelter!

So, what's up with PETA? Why are they whining and making up lies? Why are they even involved in San Antonio's success? PETA is a Virginia based organization that boasts one of the highest kill rates in the country. (95% in 2011) Why are they sticking their noses into San Antonio's business? Most important... why are they trying to get in the way of SAPA as they continue to make improvements for San Antonio's community pets?

Well, it's all about their own sad statistics. PETA raises millions of dollars every year from unsuspecting donors thinking that they are helping animals by sending off their hard-earned dollars. In reality, PETA has killed over 90% of the animals that they have gotten their hands on in the last 5 years and over 70% in the 5 years before that. Now, if all these other organizations (especially ones that don't even have even 1/10th of the funding that PETA boasts) start saving lives, donors are going to start getting suspicious! So what do they do? PETA claims cruelty. They claim that saving lives is in fact worse than killing. PETA advocates death.

SAPA saves lives like the orphaned kitten shown here.
PETA advocates killing kittens because they 'might' die anyway.
Who do you want to donate to??
Among the many lies that PETA is spreading about SAPA, one in particular really got to me. PETA claims that SAPA is allowing sick kittens to just die without medical care. This is false. SAPA does pull sick kittens from San Antonio's shelter? Yes, absolutely, they do pull sick kittens. Shelters are dangerous places for a kitten's young immune system, so there are many kittens that get sick in shelters. There are even kittens that die after being exposed to shelter-spread disease. It happens in every shelter despite even the best precautions being taken. So, some of the kittens that are pulled by SAPA have been sick. Knowing that there is a possibility for sickness, SAPA has taken it upon themselves not only to provide medical care for these babies, but to post life-saving protocols (as well as Veterinarian information in case of emergency) for kittens that do start to 'fade' while they are in the care of volunteers. This protocol has about a 50% chance of reviving the kitten. An 'undercover PETA supporter' posed as a volunteer for SAPA and videotaped as a kitten 'faded' and died. Without trying to revive the kitten, without alerting another SAPA volunteer, without flinching, this undercover 'volunteer' videotaped as a kitten dies in front of the video camera.

All I can say is WTF?? What the f* PETA??? How can you advertise yourself as supporters of animals when you just sit back and watch a helpless kitten die? How can you bash an organization that is saving orphaned babies from a high-kill shelter when you yourself threw the body of a 6 month old, perfectly healthy (until you killed him) Dalmatian puppy in a dumpster? 

I am truly disturbed not only by PETA as an organization, but by this sad, sick individual that stood by and did nothing for this helpless kitten. I am saddened that PETA 'supporters' so desparately want to make PETA happy, they watch an innocent baby die and videotape it in hopes that it turns people away from the No Kill Movement. 

This proves once again how against saving lives the PETA organization truly is. With each Life-Saving organization PETA bashes, they are losing their cover. PETA is no longer able to hide behind their naked celebrities and  faux-message. People are beginning to see right down to the flesh of this organization, which, sadly belongs mostly to the thousands of animals that lay dead in the Virginia landfill. 

Stephanie Conrad
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Kudos to San Antonio Pets Alive for responding to PETA with such class.
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