Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet little George

Last week I had the opportunity to meet a little kitten named George. After meeting George and learning his story, I decided to bring him home from the shelter with me for a week so he could recover from his surgery. See, George had arrived at the shelter with a broken leg, which unfortunately did not set right after being put into a cast. Since he would be unable to use his leg ever again, the shelter Veterinarian decided that it should be amputated. 

George's recovery was as smooth as can be and after a day of resting in my famous kitten suite, George was ready to romp and play like any other kitten! He explored my office, he curled up and took snoozes in the dog's beds and most of all, he enjoyed being cuddled and loved on. 

After his week of recovery at my house, George arrived back at the shelter and is now ready for adoption! If you are looking to adopt a LOUD (he loves to talk) little 3 legged kitten that loves to be the center of attention, George is the perfect kitten for you! Head up to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter to adopt George!
George hard at work helping me pack up orders!

Stephanie Conrad

The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist