Monday, April 23, 2012

No Kill Wilco

About a year ago, I attended a meeting at my local shelter for an organization called P.A.C.T. (aka Pet Alliance of Central Texas). I didn't go to the meeting expecting the outcome, but I ended up being elected and accepting the position of their new Chairperson. As honored as I was, a few months went by and our little group really wasn't evolving or offering as much to our community as I would personally like. As a group, we unanimously decided to disband and form a new organization, with a new, fresh start. That new organization was named No Kill Wilco (aka, No Kill Williamson County). 

No Kill Wilco decided that our number one mission was to start working with the rescue organizations in our community. Consisting of only a few members, we decided that focusing on one major accomplishment vs trying to over-extend ourselves by getting involved in too many projects/ideas was the best option. In addition to referring shelter pets that might fit into a rescue organization's program, No Kill Wilco hosts a monthly community adoption drive, bringing our rescues and shelters closer together. With a large number of Rescues joining each month, our community network has been strengthened and more lives are being saved by our rescues joining forces to promote our community pets!
Stephanie loving on the Greyhounds of
Greyhound Pets of America (Central TX Chapter)
I am thrilled to host this community adoption drive at Central Texas Harley Davidson(CTHD) (if you don't already, stop by and 'like' them on Facebook and let them know how much you appreciate their support of animal rescue!). We started this event 8 months ago, at another location. This first location (which hosted our first 2 months) charged a fee and had huge stipulations on our rescue organizations, so much so that most of our rescues were unable to attend due to lack of funds. It was then that I decided that a major change needed to happen thus began my search. I didn't search long before I met Ric, event coordinator at CTHD. It was the perfect match! 
Two pups looking for homes during one of our monthly adoption events!
We quickly set a date and started rallying the rescues, inviting rescues to attend at no cost, just requiring a simple RSVP and registration form. Our event started with only 2 organizations and has grown to 10 (sometimes more) organizations each month! Since moving locations to Central Texas Harley, we have placed over 25 pups into their forever homes! (That averages out to just under an adoption per hour during our events -- most adoptions are done off-site after a home visit and application process with the individual rescue groups.)

This weekend in particular was a great weekend, with 5 adoptions/applications and many visitors that came to just say hi and visit with our pups! We had rescue pets from Greyhound Pets of America (Central Texas Chapter), Great Pyrenees Rescue, The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Lend a Heart Rescue, Reunion Rescue, Austin German Shepherd Rescue, Lifelong Friends Pet Adoptions and of course No Kill Wilco
A super happy German Shepherd smiling as he waits for his new family to come find him!
Available for adoption through Austin German Shepherd Rescue!
As the President and Founder of No Kill Wilco, I am thrilled to be part of such a special event and such an amazing community of animal lovers.

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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Just for smiles, here are a few more pictures from this weekend: