Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Coffee War...

I like my morning coffee over ice. Unfortunately, so does my cat, Jazz....
Jazz having his morning coffee...

Every morning for the past 6 years, as I make my coffee, this little ball of black fluff joins me... and attempts to make my coffee his. And, for the last 6 years, I have spent the first hour of my day working to protect my coffee from his little black paw, which is dipped in for a taste every time I turn around...

You might ask why I haven't tried cups with lids before... well, I have! He is a smart little one and can pop them right off! 

Why don't I keep my cup out of reach? I try that too! Do you know a cat that isn't stubborn? Maybe we can make a trade, because this little guy is one determined coffee fanatic!

I set my coffee on a table for a moment... he's there!

If I leave the room.. you'd better believe that he was watching and takes that opportunity to enjoy some caffeine. 
When I turn away from my desk to catch a portion of a TV show... Guess who's there when I turn back around?

While it is really cute to watch him dip his paw into a cup and adorably lick the coffee off, it has gotten old and personally.. I would like to be enjoying my coffee as much as he is! 

It wasn't until last month that I finally won this 6 year long war... as a wedding gift, a friend bought a set of tumblers with lids. Well, I have tried lids before, so I didn't think they were anything special... that is until I realized that the lids screwed onto the cup so he couldn't knock them off! What a concept!?! 

I honestly wasn't too hopeful when I first gave it a try... I know how determined my stubborn little guy can be. As he watched me make my coffee the next morning, I could see the anticipation building. "When will I get a taste?"

I set my cup on the table and walked away, knowing that in just a few short moments, the fate of my morning drink would be decided. As soon as I turned the corner, Jazz was at my cup. First, he tried a nose plunge. The confused look as he hit plastic vs a delicious taste of coffee was quite entertaining. Next, he went for the paw-dip. Again... nothing! He tried for several minutes, circling this cup, knowing that just behind that plastic, a delicious treat was waiting.... Then... he gave up! He looked up at me, gave a frustrated meow... and walked away....

I had won... the coffee war was over. 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist

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