Monday, December 19, 2011

In Loving Memory of Leo

Leo, known among the Animal Rescue community for his big smile and even bigger heart, passed away last week. Leo was not only special because of the joy that he brought his family, but because he was able to show the world that dogs with a 'bad reputation' really are just good dogs looking for love and guidance. 
© 'Leo' by The Pet Studio | 11in x 14in Canvas
Leo was one of the fifty dogs confiscated from the Michael Vick Dog Fighting Operation in 2007. Even though he had a rough start to his life, Leo didn't let that slow him down. As many people, including Large Animal Welfare Organizations, waited for these dogs to fail miserably in society, Leo (as well as most of the other Vick Dogs) went on to prove that dogs with a 'fighting history' or rough past are just as loving as any other dog, they just need the opportunity to thrive!
Picture taken by Our Pack, Inc
Dr. Leo did just that! He became a certified therapy dog, spending time with seniors and hospital patients. His foster mom and founder of Our Pack, Inc is quoted on the Our Pack website saying, "I've worked with hundreds of dogs. People are drawn to Leo. I've never had a dog that was so magnetic! He has such a tender heart." She calls him her Casanova!

Leo is the essence of the American Pit Bull Terrier.. loving, loyal and kind! He was eager to please and has brought joy to so many faces, mine included! Leo's story will be shared for generations, he has helped the world to see how wonderful a dog, regardless of breed or reputation, can be! 


As a Thank You for all that Our Pack, Inc does for the Rescued Animals in their care, The Pet Studio will be donating $2 from each sale of our 'Leo' Necklace to Our Pack, Inc until the end of the year! Order your Necklace in loving memory of Leo here.
Necklace Design 'Leo' © by The Pet Studio. 

Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio | Owner | Artist