Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Claire, a Survival Story

Almost two months ago an amazing rescue in the Austin area, Big Dog Rescue took on a heartbreaking case involving Claire, a gorgeous white Great Dane. Claire was rescued from an abuse/neglect situation and upon being picked up by Bastrop County Animal Control, really didn't look like much of a dog. Weighing in at only 60 pounds and nearly hairless, Claire was in desperate need of medical care. 

Claire, day 1 in her new foster home.
After being taken to the Bastrop Shelter, Claire was evaluated and made such an impression on one of the staff members that they immediately picked up the phone and called Lorraine J. and Sarah T., who share the Vice-President position at Big Dog Rescue. It was quickly decided that Claire would come to BDR and move into the home of one of their fabulous Foster Parents!

Claire adjusted quickly to foster life and after receiving medical care for several issues, including 2 types of mange, horrible infections in both ears and severe malnutrition, Claire is on the road to a full recovery. She will still have a few medical issues to work with in the future, including Heartworms (a treatment plan is being set by her Veterinarian to ensure the health and safety of Claire), but all in all, a happy, healthy future is ahead for Claire!

Her foster mom, April has noted on her facebook page that Claire is a 'lap-dog' saying that, "It is one thing when a 70 pound Claire lays on top of you.... but when she is nearly 100 pounds, it gets to be a little painful! ...Time to show her that just her head on my lap will  be sufficient."
Claire in her Foster home, fitting right in with her foster family!
While Claire is looking forward to a future full of love and comfort, Big Dog Rescue is on a mission to ensure that her former owner does not have the chance to cause harm to any other animals. The Animal Control officer that found Claire was able to convince her former owner to surrender her, so Claire is no longer in any danger of landing back in the 'care' of her former owner. Unfortunately, Claire's former owner does still own animals and despite being arrested for Claire's obvious neglect, her current pets have not yet been taken from her. Claire's former owner's right to own animals will be up for discussion at her future court date. Big Dog Rescue is committed to raising awareness and continuing to fight for justice in Claire's honor.
© 'Claire'  |  8in x 10in painting by The Pet Studio
The Pet Studio is proud to support rescue organizations such as Big Dog Rescue, who are making an effort not only to dogs like Claire, but to No Kill Education all around our Austin community! This original painting of Claire is available for sale in my online store as well as a Necklace that is available for purchase! With each Necklace purchased, $4 will be donated to Big Dog Rescue to help continue their amazing rescue efforts! 

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Stephanie Conrad
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Visit Claire's Facebook Page: 'Foster to Forever'