Thursday, April 21, 2011



As she lay bloody, with multiple puncture wounds, her last breath leaving her body, this 8 month old victim closed her eyes for the last time.

Just a baby, Capone did not realize that one simple act of curiosity would be her last. She just wanted to spend her days playing... she loved to run through her backyard and cuddle up on the couch with her family. Yes, her family. You see, Capone is special. Not only is she a Pit Bull, she is a loved member of her family. A constant friend and a companion to her people. A daughter to her loving owners.

When Capone saw the open door, her curiosity got the best of her and she sniffed her way right into a Police Officers line of view. 

Police Officers are known for their outrage towards the Pit Bulls. Natural Born killers, Police Officers are armed with Guns..... not typical guns either. These guns have the shot-force of a military rifle and because they were bred for killing, the Police Officer Breed are extremely dangerous, and should always be kept separately from dogs. 

Capone was unsuspecting of these killers and just wanted to play. Unfortunately, this innocent act resulted in her brutal death as she was attacked by the infamous Police Officer. 

Several attacks have occurred over the last few years, including the innocent death of Bella in 2010, a beloved family pet who tried to escape death at the hands of a Cabarrus County Animal Control Officer. This Officer was reportedly loose and attacked Bella without being provoked. 

With their history of attacks and the unpredictability of their actions, Police Officers face the chance of being outlawed or having strict restrictions placed on all officers. With the newly proposed "Police Specific Legislation" laws, all Police Officers could be required to be restrained at all times, muzzled when in public and a sign placed on their homes to properly label this 'dangerous breed of humans.'

Stephanie Conrad
Owner | Artist
The Pet Studio

"Bella" by The Pet Studio. In loving memory....

Reporter Notes:
Okay, obviously this is not true. I based this article on a story about a pit bull names Capone who was shot and killed by a Police Officer early this week. Absolutely inexcusable. Capone was a male pit bull, only 8 months old and unfortunately killed by a police officer. According to witnesses, Capone was not threatening the officer and another officer even told him not to shoot the dog. 33 shots later, Capone was dead.

Unfortunately this happens far too often. Police Officers tend to have a pre-conceived notion that pit bulls or dogs resembling pit bulls are evil killing machines. The media has given this breed of dog an image that many people still view as equal to a demon. With education and awareness, many officers would not think this way, many people would open their eyes and minds and realize that pit bulls are not evil, killing machines. 

I love Police Officers and in no way think every officer is as ignorant or as mean as the officers who killed Bella and Capone. I would like to think most officers are in law enforcement for the right reasons, to serve and protect. But there does need to be awareness on the animal side. Yes, Serve and Protect the people, but also the animals. 

Muzzling Police Officers is an absolutely ludicris idea, but I do hope that my point was taken as it was meant to be. BSL is wrong. Profiling based on a dogs appearance is WRONG!