Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Pet Studio, As Seen on Pit Boss!

Last year was an amazing year for The Pet Studio. Not only was The Pet Studio born, I booked 80 commissions last year in only 8 months of being in business, Donated and raised Donations for animals in need (totaling over $2500), attended the Austin No Kill Workshop, Assisted in the Rescue and re-homing of puppy mill survivors, abuse victims and homeless pets, and booked 10 events last year. Of these events, The Parade of 100 Pit Bulls (National Pit Bull Awareness Day) was by far the biggest event, with over 700 dogs, most of which were Pit Bull type breeds and more than 1000 people attended. Among our attendees, Shorty Rossi and Hercules, of the Animal Planet Show Pit Boss and the men of Rescue Ink joined us to celebrate Austin's Pittie Pride!

© Pit Bull painting by The Pet Studio.

Not only was the day an exciting and fun event with our celebrity guests, but the sheer number of dogs in such a close proximity was just astounding. I have to laugh at the skeptics who still swear that dogs of the Pit Bull type are dangerous or aggressive. With over 700 dogs, and no major incidents, you would think that this argument could be put to rest! Obviously every dog of the breed is not prone to attack! As a Pittie owner myself, I sure was full of pride for my breed. I was so impressed with all of the other Pit Bull Owners standing up for our dogs and enjoying the beautiful day together! 

Yes, that is The Pet Studio you see back there! I only have the screen shot but will upload the video as soon as I have it!
So last night, as Love A Bull members got together for the viewing of our Pit Boss episode, I was SO excited to see The Pet Studio pop up with my colorful booth during the Austin Pit Bull Awareness Day segment! The tables next to mine laughed as my group of friends cheered when they saw me! It was such a fun experience to see myself (and so many of my friends) on TV, even if only for a moment!

The Pet Studio artist, Stephanie with Rescue Ink and a painting of JohnyO's pups, Chuck and Lucy!
The Pet Studio wants to send out a HUGE Thank You to Love A Bull for hosting this fabulous event (and asking me to participate!), Shorty Rossi, Hercules and the Crew of Pit Boss for joining us, Rescue Ink for joining us and to all of the fabulous Pit Bull owners who are doing the right thing and caring for your pets! The Pet Studio had a blast and cannot wait to see everyone again this year!

© Painting of Hercules, Shorty Rossi of Pit Boss's beautiful dog!
Stephanie Conrad
The Pet Studio