Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Justin's Law" Could Kill My Dog

Preface: Some people are trying hard to implement a Breed Ban in Texas, which would, if enforced, cost Texas taxpayers approximately $31 MILLION and more importantly, kill, punish or banish every loving Pit Bull pet in the state. In 2011 " Justin's Law " could be passed and our dogs could die.

Dear Serenia Clinton, 
Every other politician or person supporting BSL and Justin's Law.
Cynthia Stevens Kent (lawyer)
Chuck Hopson (Texas State Representative)
Senator Kevin Eltife (Texas State Senate, District 1)

First and Foremost, I would like to send my condolences to you and your family. The loss of your son, Justin, after a dog attack (in 2009) is a terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to you during the difficult recovery of your loss and I do hope that you find peace within yourself and your family for Justin.

As a mother, I feel the hurt and the pain of your great loss.

However, my children differ from yours in the fact that they have four legs and their words are a series of woofs and expressions. Just as your son was attacked, my pit bull mix Holly is being attacked…. by you… by your lawyers… and by the politicians who are so poorly educated about Pit Bulls and dogs in general.

 My daughter, Holly; Pit bull mix and myself sharing a nuzzle.

Much like children, every dog is the product of his or her environment. A pit bull puppy is not born with a hidden agenda to kill, nor is the breed pre-dispositioned to become aggressive.

You and your lawyer are making claims that all Pit Bulls are vicious dogs when the real issue here is the loss of your son. 

Killing my daughter, one of the loves of my life, who happens to be a Pit Bull mix will NOT bring Justin back. The Breed Ban will NOT make the pain of losing your child go away and it will certainly NOT be justice for Justin.

The tears you have cried for Justin will be joined by the tears of the thousands of dog owners who are losing their loving pets. Pets who have brought smiles to their parents faces, much like, I assume, Justin brought smiles to your face. Pets who have cuddled up next to their parents and fallen asleep in their laps, much like, again I assume, Justin did in your lap.

Banning a breed will not solve the problem caused by the two dogs that Justin came in contact with. Education for the public on responsible pet ownership, however, will solve this issue and potentially save lives. Education on key issues, such as spaying and neutering, proper socialization, proper housing for animals, and proper supervision.

Killing innocent dogs is certainly not the answer. Killing my daughter will not make this right for you or Justin.
Stephanie Conrad, Pit Bull Owner
The Pet Studio

Interesting Pit Bull Facts:

- The American Temperament Test Society, who grades dogs of all breeds based on their behavior (focusing on avoidance, aggression, friendliness, etc) passed Pit Bulls and those dogs labeled as Pit Bulls with great marks!

The Pit Bull Breed passed with an 86% (772 dogs were tested)
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier passed with an 89% (115 dogs tested)

In comparison with other "friendly" labeled breeds:
The Beagle Breed passed with an 80% (71 dogs tested)
The Standard Poodle passed with an 86% (243 dogs tested)
English Springer Spaniel passed with an 84% (146 dogs tested)
The Golden Retriever passed with an 84% (746 dogs tested)
Chihuahua passed with a 71% (38 dogs tested)

-Pit Bulls have been popular family pets since the 1800s. Famous historical figures like Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain and John Steinbeck all owned Pit Bulls. A current celebrity, Rachel Ray owns a Pit Bull and Petey, the loved pup from The Little Rascals was a Pit Bull!

- Sargent Stubby, a Pit Bull who served in World War 1 is a decorated Pit Bull, awarded nearly a dozen medals as well as a Purple Heart for his loyalty and bravery.

- The University of Texas's first mascot was a Pit Bull, named Pig.

- Pit Bulls are commonly mislabeled. Dogs such as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bull Terriers, and even boxers can all be labeled as "Pit Bulls." The only true way to identify a breed is by doing a DNA test, which can be very expensive. 

This letter is a response to the proposed Pit Bull Ban in Texas. You can read " Justin's Law " here:

Pit Bull and Temperment Testing Stats can be found on the ATTS website:

Love-A-Bull, Pit Bull Advocacy Group Website: