Friday, October 29, 2010

B.S.L. is complete B.S.

(Does this Pit Bull look dangerous???)
With election day coming quickly, do you really know where your politicians stand? With many issues on the news and in most areas of the media, there is one topic that effect hundreds of people in your area, Breed Specific Legislation. This particular topic is not hitting the news as often as unemployment, but this law could mean hundreds of homes losing a beloved (and harmless) family member.

What is BSL?
-Breed Specific Legislation bans or restricts certain types of dog based on their appearance because they are perceived as 'dangerous'. A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of that breed appearance be removed from the area where BSL has been implemented. Breed Restrictions may require owners to do some or more of the following: muzzle the dog in public, spay/neuter the dog (which everyone should consider anyway for health and population purposes), purchase insurance of a certain amount for the dog, place signs on the outside of residence where the dog lives.

Problems with BSL:
-BSL has been proven ineffective in reducing the number of dog bites in the areas where enacted. 
  • The Netherlands (Ban on “pit bulls” since 1993)—Dog bites continued to rise after a breed ban was enacted. The ban was repealed in 2008.
  • United Kingdom (Ban on four types of dogs since 1997)—Dog bites increased by 50% between 1997 and 2007, and a number of fatalities involved non-banned breeds.
  • Denver, CO (Ban on “pit bulls” since 1989)—“Between 1995 and 2006, Denver had almost six times as many dog-related hospitalizations compared to Boulder, even though Denver’s population is less than twice that of Boulder.” Boulder does not have BSL.
  • Prince George’s Co., MD (Ban on “pit bulls” since 1996)—A task force found that “the public safety benefit is unmeasurable."

-BSL is expensive to implement and enforce.
-BSL requires identification of a dogs breed, which is extremely difficult. 
-BSL is opposed by many professional animal organizations, such as American Dog Owners Association, American Humane, American Kennel Club, and many many others, this is because people who know animals know that Pit Bulls and Bully breed dogs are good dogs!!
-BSL punishes innocent dogs!

Educate Yourself!  -- --

-Stephanie Conrad, Owner: The Pet Studio