Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will Austin Succeed in Becoming a No Kill Community?

Yes, Yes and Yes!

Today I have had the wonderful privilege of attending the Austin No Kill Coalition Workshop. While the day was long, the speakers were absolutely wonderful. I couldn't help but feel the excitement generated by these leaders in the No-Kill Movement as they shared the vast knowledge of creating a No Kill Community and working with Austin to save our homeless pets (and ultimately take this Nation to a no-kill nation!)

Austin's own Councilwoman Laura Morrison stands before the members of the No Kill Coalition and meeting room full of Animal Rights Advocates. "We are committed and on our way to becoming a no-kill city!"

This is followed by an eruption of applauds. Austin's own Animal Advisory committee is working now to put a plan in effect. "It is going to take commitment, implementation and funding, it is not going to be easy but we are committed to making a difference," states Morrison.

Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) has decreased it's own Euthanasia rate over the past 24 months dramatically and now is at nearly a 70% save rate for those healthy and adoptable pets.

We are not no-kill yet, but this community will be a wonderful example of how Texas can be involved in the No-Kill Movement. If we can do it, there is no reason anyone else can't. It takes dedication on the part of the community, not just the Rescue/Shelter Workers.

-Stephanie Conrad, The Pet Studio