Thursday, September 30, 2010

And... Tell Me Again why "Pit Bulls are so Scary"?

November 7th, The Pet Studio will be attending National Pit Bull Awareness Day in Austin!
Join us at Republic Square Park from 11:30am - 5:00pm

Of all the ignorance out there about Pit Bulls and Bully breeds, I hate to say that my own parents are part of the stigma against Pitties. My favorite (I say that sarcastically) moment thus far has been my dad finding out that "my new, sweet puppy" is indeed a Pit Bull. He stated, and I quote that I should be careful because my Pit Bull "will probably just decide to bite one day."

Since that statement, I have made a point to brag about all of the wonderful Pitties that have come into my life, mail my parents stories and pictures of the Pit Bull heroes and constantly talk up the breed. Just yesterday at the Austin No Kill Conference Workshop, 2 beautiful little Pit Bulls joined in on the discussions. Well, they just enjoyed the love and attention from all of the Guests of the workshop, but none-the-less, they were there. Believe it or not, I was brave enough to approach this 'vicious breed' and while I realized the danger (maybe of getting too slobbery....) I reached out... and.... got a ton of kisses.
(Here was the violent Pit Bull attack, I just think that people should be able to see the horror...)

I just hate the stigma that follows these beautiful dogs and I spend at least 20 minutes a day educating someone on my Pitties. As an adult working in a Veterinary clinic I was attacked by a Golden Retriever mix. Without being provoked, this Golden lunged at my face, latched on and shook ferociously. I was immediately taken into emergency care and ended up having 6 stitches on my forehead and the inside of my top lip was damaged. I love to tell the story to people and explain that even after this event, I certainly do not hate all Golden Retrievers nor am I scared of the breed.

Just like people, every single Dog is different. Each animal is a product of their environment, a dog in a safe and happy home with good leadership will be a wonderful animal. Regardless of it's past, Pitbulls, even those that come from traumatizing experiences are usually wonderful family pets. Consider adopting a Pittie, you won't regret it!

-Stephanie, The Pet Studio

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(The Pet Studio highly recommends doing research on any breed of dog before adoption, know your breed traits and be prepared for your new family member.)